How to make from your beanbag a state of art

Made in amazing themes, colours and designs
- Get your name printed, photographs collage printed or any message printed through these special and unique Customised Bean Bag
- Innovative Product for Corporate gifting
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- High Quality Digital Printing

Graag uw beeldmateriaal  op formaat 116x153cm ( incl een afloop van 1.5cm rondom) in een TIFF RGB 100dpi ware grote, of hoge resolutie PDF. Op te sturen via
Matériel visuel format 116x153cm ( avec bord perdu de 1.5cm) en tiff rgb 100dpi grandeur réelle. Envoyer par


The filling consists of flame retardant EPS-'beans'. These little beans absorb the warmth of your body and produce a pleasant and warm sensation.
Needless to say that the beans we use are top notch. They are of 'virgin quality'. In other words: the best you can get! As the beans are more uniform and stronger than the 'regular quality', your bean-bag will stay in shape for a long time.
From time to time you have to fluff up your bean-bag to revive its comfort. How? Roll it until it reaches its original shape.


100% polyester with PI-coating water-resistant.
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EPS pearls (expanded polystyrene)


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What if you spill food or drinks on your brownie? Don't panic. No worries. You can easily wipe it off. Use a damp cloth and some soft soap. It is even possible to put the cover in your washing machine. Open the brownie and poor out the beans in one or more large plastic bags. Close the velcro tightly, do not tumble dry.


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